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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Preparaing for Time Lapse

Good distance away. Preparing for a time lapse.

ian ó# via mobile

First Night: Official Powering on.

The Night Rainbow from #NHV on Vimeo.

A foggy evening.  I walked up East Rock at about 7pm.  It was windy and cold.  Misty gusts of water vapor like a cold steam rushed on my face as I stood, with my camera, fingers numb.

Upon convincing people I was a real reporter with some name dropping, I got inside the fence to record the night rainbow from a position just a few meters behind the equipment.  Seeing it from that perspective is by far the most memorable thing that I can imagine of the evening experience.  Then, watching the water vapor rushing through it, like energy inside of energy, it made it appear like a special effect in my camera lens, when in fact it was a natural effect.

After a moment of amazement and the realization that the party was happening at Roia, I broke free from the small crowd assembled on East Rock to walk down it towards downtown.  Descending East Rock was easy in the dark with my iPhone 4 flashlight.  Battery still at 54%.

Made my way down Orange Street, passing crowds of people, all parked in cars, looking up at the sky. Some people stood outside taking pictures of it.  Other small crowds of adventurous people were raring to walk up the rock.  All the windows in the houses reflected the neon glow.

The buildings, as well.  When I got back to Roia, Nicki, the media organizer had announced that I brought footage from the event, and I had walked directly from the site to the party.  People watched the viewfinder in Bruce Ditman's old Olympus Camera, of the above (attached video).  Enjoy.

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